About That Red Head

Contrary to popular belief, designers... employ artistic methods to visualize thinking and process, but, unlike artists, we work to solve a client's problem, not present our own view of the world.
- Mike Monteiro, Design is a Job

You have problems, I solve them. You might be my client but your users are the real audience. So let's work together to find the best solution for everyone!

Things I can help you with

Branding | Website Design | Printed Materials | Packaging Design | Data Organization and Presentation | Business Development Consulting | Marketing Recommendations | Advice on how not to use Social Media (hint: do as I say, not as I do)

If you are looking for a really thorough breakdown, my resume is here.

My Work

Click the links to see selections of Branding, Web Design, and Print Design on my fancy Behance profile.

Industries I've worked with, in, or around:

Industrial, Mechanical, and Agricultural Engineering | Coffee Import, Roasting, and Related | International and Local Nonprofits | Local Brewing and Distrubution | Churches | Law Firms | Publishing | Niche Farming | IT | Retail | Fine Arts | Salons/Styling | Photography | Music | Architecture | Shipping | Real Estate | Cottage Industry | Beekeeping | Authors and Writing | Sports

Reasons you should hire me:

Straightforward and factual | I'll admit when I don't know something | Contracts are a must (honest people put things in writing) | If you have data, I can make it pretty | Websites are not one-size fits all | TYPOGRAPHY | If I don't think I'm the best fit for your project, I WILL TELL YOU and help find someone who is

What are you waiting for? .